Gun Concealing Tables

Known Manufacturers

End tables and side tables are a great place to covertly store your handgun. People have been designing end tables with secret storage for years, so this method is definitely tried and true.
table with hidden compartment for guns
Coffee tables and even dinner tables offer convenience in their form and function, while still having access to anything from larger guns like shotguns and rifles to smaller arms. You can store normal things on top, too, which is just a bonus when you consider how handy it is to have extra gun storage virtually anywhere in your home!
side table with hidden storage compartment for a small gun and ammunition
Dining room tables are huge, so they offer a lot of space for storing pistols, rifles, ammunition and more. They’re also very discreet, nobody would ever guess that you are using your dining room table to stash your guns!

Additionally, there are security options available to ensure that your stash is safe. QLine Design offers a dining room table that has a PIN entry option to unlock the hidden drawer within the table. This makes the dining room table a very strong option when it comes to not only weapon concealment, but child safety.