Gun Concealing Clocks

Places to Buy

As a gun owner that wants to protect your family from bad guys, a clock with a hidden storage space may be just the ticket.


Clocks are beautiful and functional. They can also be found in just about any room of a house, so you can rest easy knowing that you have a weapon available anywhere in your domicile, any time.


Clocks come in a wide variety of sizes, too, so you have options when it comes to the amount of storage you need. Most gun-concealing clocks can house at least a good sized pistol and some extra ammo.

Since you could look in just about anyone’s home and find a clock, you can rest assured knowing that a gun concealing clock will keep your secret safe.

The Top Secret Wall Clock is a larger offering, with great looks and quality finish to round it out. There are plenty of options when it comes to wood stains, and there are a couple of options for the clock face itself. The hiding mechanism of the clock itself works by sliding the front of the clock down for easy access to the hidden compartment.

The Tactical Walls clock is a large round clock, and I think it would blend in to a wide variety of home decor themes. Big clocks are really in style these days. There are also options on this one when it comes to the face of the clock. You can even get a custom clock face, which can help it blend into its environment even further. Great piece, great quality here as well.