Gun Concealing Bookshelves

Known Manufacturers

Bookshelves are usually pretty large pieces of furniture, making them very handy for storing anything from larger arms like shotguns and rifles to smaller arms like handguns.

One major advantage of gun concealment bookshelves, and using bookshelves as a secret storage place for your weapons in general, is that bookshelves can be quite large without being suspicious, or making themselves a target – like a safe.

There are also a variety of ways to disguise locking/unlocking mechanisms in bookshelves, so you can go high-tech or old school, or a combination of both.

QLine Design offers large, high quality traditional bookshelves with a twist: a wide variety of goodies can be stored in any of the many hidden storage spaces.

Tactical Walls offers smaller single-shelf designs that are very popular in today’s interior design market. Not that I know anything about that haha! They look great, and are very practical for storing one or two things.